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  • 家具廠除塵設備的除塵效率主要取決于家具廠除

    未知, 2019-12-16 13:44, 次瀏覽

    The dust removal efficiency of dust removal equipment in furniture factory mainly depends on the dust layer thickness of dust removal equipment and bag in furniture factory
    The dedusting efficiency of dedusting equipment in furniture factory mainly depends on the thickness of dust layer of dedusting equipment and dedusting bag in furniture factory. Generally speaking, the filter material is dense, the dust layer is thick, and the efficiency is high, but the corresponding treatment gas volume is reduced, that is, the filtering wind speed is low. How to improve the filtering wind speed while ensuring the efficiency and pressure loss of the deduster is stable is a problem to be further studied. The filtering wind speed The improvement depends on the cleaning method and performance of the filter material
    In the early stage, the dust removal equipment and bag room of furniture factory were used, without dust removal device, and the filtering wind speed was low, that is, the air handling capacity was low. The dust on the filter bag was removed by manual method, which improved the wind speed. In addition, the dust removal equipment of furniture factory was developed, with intermittent vibration and significantly higher filtering wind speed
    However, in order to remove the gas from the chamber, the cleaning method of the filter bag is carried out in sequence, and the dust remover does not give full play to its role. In recent years, the dust remover of furniture factory, such as the dust remover of pulse furniture factory, is developed, equipped with advanced dust remover. This kind of dust remover is used to continuously clean the filter bag without cutting off the treated gas
    After using compressed air r ash and high efficiency filter bag, the wind speed reaches 5 meters per minute. It has the advantages of large gas capacity, long service life, high dust removal efficiency and small maintenance gap